What if you invented something that would literally change the world?

Dr. Melissa Kim and her partners, Greg Masterson and Troy Santori, are developing such a device – a teleportal – that provides instantaneous transportation, effectively eliminating borders, and they are walking into a buzz saw.

When an accident in the lab exposes the project, all three become instant targets.  Groups from all over the world are after them to control the device or eliminate it and its inventors. The government sends a team to find and protect Melissa’s team and another to make sure the device doesn’t go public. Others don’t play as nice.

Fighting for survival, the trio has to stay out of the hands of increasingly aggressive pursuers. The trio's struggles to protect themselves and their invention are only the beginning of this page-turning and heart-pounding action adventure.


Is this book for you?

You don't have to be a scifi buff, but if you enjoy tense, fast paced action and maybe a little romance, you'll appreciate Teleportal.


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