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"A resourceful main character.....romance and action...a real gem of a book. There is nothing I like better than a smartly written book with a well organised plot, characters that are memorable and great action. Peacemaker: The Corona Rebellion 2564AD has all the things I like in my books and then some.…" – Catherine Mackay

"Good Story Well Told. Frankly, I'm not much of a reader; so, when I decided to start this book it was mostly out of curiosity. I'm glad that I made the decision to give it a try. Once started, I couldn't put it down.…" – J. T. Smith

Sometimes even a Peacemaker has to slap the bad guys upside the head to get them to listen to reason.

Two hundred years after the first settlers land on the planet Corona, the colonists face a nightmare situation. Natives have been reported, and colonizing an inhabited planet is prohibited. Threatened with relocation, Coronans rebel to defend—at all cost—the only home they've ever known. And Peacemaker, Commander Gus Colt, is thrown right in the middle of the rebellion.

While escorting emissaries by shuttle to a peace conference, he witnesses his ship, the Invincible, vanishing in a nuclear explosion. At the same time a sabotaged power supply in his shuttle forces a crash-landing. Stranded on the planet with limited resources, he sets out to end the rebellion and bring the saboteurs who blew up the Invincible to justice. Facing organized and deadly opposition, he’ll need all his wits and audacity to survive and stop the rebellion.


Is this book for you?

You don't have to be a scifi buff, but if you enjoy an action packed adventure with maybe a little romance, you'll appreciate Peacemaker.


"Very good SF adventure. I really like the protagonist's approach to problem solving. He does not do the 'let's shoot everyone and everything, and sort it out later.' He's very much more in the mold of, say, Retief--let's figure out what pinprick causes the bad guys to logically collapse. Thanks, good job. Looking forward to more from this author." – Hy D. Tranon

"Not just science fiction! This book may happen to be set in the future in outer space and contain aliens, but it's really an action adventure. My book club read this, and even the one person who absolutely hates science fiction thoroughly enjoyed this book. The main character is not only highly intelligent and capable, but he also has a big heart -- not only for his love interest but also for the people on the planet. The Lodaanii are completely charming -- I would love to see more of them!" – Kathleen S. Hjermstad


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Shortly after arriving on the planet, Colt discovers that the rebels are getting help from mercenaries, some of whom don't abide by the rules – committing murder for instance.

The reported natives, the Lodaanii, are an enigma. It has taken over two hundred years to uncover them. They live in a mixture of primitive conditions and decaying high tech, but no place on the planet shows any evidence of native technology or manufacturing. … And they're terrified of open water.